Inspirational Talks and Corporate Events

Does your organisation or group need a public speaker to motivate and inspire employees or members, or to build a successful team and enhance team spirit? Are you looking for a speaker to add colour to your event or function?  Or, do you, in a personal capacity feel that you need guidance to cope with life in general? If your answer is YES to any the above, take a minute and read below…  


DR ST POTGIETER is an experienced public speaker, psychologist in private practice and author of three books. He participates in radio interviews, writes articles for national and regional newspapers, and provides inputs for articles in various national magazines.

DR POTGIETER is a popular speaker and well-known for his ability to address groups on a wide variety of subjects, including motivational talks, presentations on personal development, including… facing the challenges of life, career advancement, self-empowerment, etc. He is often invited as keynote speaker, address large groups at high profile functions, motivate employees in the corporate environment and address groups who have a need for inspiration or personal development.a

HIS MOTTO is to give people the tools in order for them to take ownership of their work and personal lives.

HIS PURPOSE is to share his experience and ideas with others on how to turn challenges into opportunities, using our coping abilities in a world with endless demands, and to play our variety of roles effectively and efficiently without compromising ourselves.

HE FIRMLY BELIEVES that every person has a natural foundation of abilities to cope with life, whatever life presents, but mostly need guidance to realise this reality.

HIS PASSION is to guide, inspire and teach others on how to tap their maximum potential by analysing their inner reality, creating a paradigm-shift and to face the world from the inside out.

HIS GOAL is to make others aware of how decisions affect our lives, how we can guide our choices by a strong system of values and can experience the maximum payoffs in life.



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