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    Psychological therapy, or Psychotherapy, provides a safe space to talk about your problems and difficulties in a confidential setting. It is a supportive, non-judgemental environment where you are able to talk freely and openly about the things on your heart and mind. Psychotherapy aims to improve a person’s well-being and mental health. In psychotherapy the focus is to help a person through dark and difficult times, to find solutions to life problems, to recover from hurtful and painful experiences, and to find balance and joy in life again. Dr Potgieter believes that there will always be a glint of hope in the dark ocean of unhappiness and despair.

    Subject Choice

      Dr Potgieter believes that too little attention is given to subject choices of learners at the end of Grade 9. He is committed to help young people to put together the right subject choice for the senior phase.


      • The subject choice for Grades 10 – 12 is crucial for a child’s future studies and career.
      • Teachers and parents should not apply pressure on Grade 9’s into making
        career decisions at this stage.
      • It is important for Grade 9-learners to choose subjects that will open as many options for them as possible when they reach the stage of leaving school and have to make career choices.
      • If a learner does not select the correct combination of subjects, he or she could be unable to enter certain study fields and/or careers.
      • A subject choice should take aspects such as intellectual ability, aptitudes, interests, personality and the school’s subject package into consideration.
      Career Choice Evaluation

        It is Dr Potgieter’s passion to help and assist young people and adults, to discover their career choice in life.

        • Choosing a career is one of the most important choices that a person will make in his or her life.
        • Currently the world of work is dynamic and vibrant and is constantly evolving into new areas and different careers.
        • Nowadays there is an abundance of career choices. With these thousands of options, how do you choose the career that is right for you?
        • During the career evaluation you will learn more about yourself, including your interests and personality, the requirements for specific study directions, to open the gate of opportunities, and to explore the world of careers.
        • A career assessment and guidance reduce the risk of you making impulsive study and career decisions.
        Divorce and Family Mediation

          Dr ST Potgieter a registered mediator at Social Justice and an accredited member with NABFAM (National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators).  He specializes in Divorce and Family Matters.

          Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is a guided negotiation, aided by a non-bias mediator. In mediation the participants attempt to negotiate for a resolution of their disputes and differences.   

          The benefits of mediation are: 

          • A cheaper and less time consuming process
          • A process that provides an opportunity to communicate through a mediator. It provides a place and atmosphere in which the participants gain understanding, become understood, and work together to explore options for a settlement.
          • Through mediation creative solutions can be found. The participants have control over what they want in their settlement agreement. 
          • In divorce matters the participants can find their own solutions for parenting plans and maintenance before it becomes a court order.
          • The voice of the child will be taken in consideration.
          • The process belongs to the participants and they make their own decisions. The mediator will provide guidance, guidance support, information and resources regarding the participant’s choices.      

           Is mediation for you? Here are some pointers that you can consider: 

          • Even if you and your spouse do not agree on much, divorce mediation could still be for you.
          • You can find creative solutions for parenting plans and maintenance.
          • Mediation is normally much cheaper and quicker than litigation and a court trial.
          • It is private and not public.
          • Encourages a spirit of co-operation.
          • Mediation allows you to get a resolution based on what is fair in your situation.
          • Mediation encourages a spirit of co-operation.
          • You can still have a lawyer give you legal advice if you wish.
          • It can be more emotionally protective of your children.
          • Many couples divorce due to a breakdown in communication and mediation renders a means of communication.
          • The participants control the process, and not the court.
          • The mediator isn’t the negotiator and the couples determine the terms of the mediation and negotiation. 
          • The mediator provide the space that enables you the freedom and opportunity to speak.
          • Participants are directly involved in the process and no settlement can be imposed on a party. In a court of law the judge will make the ruling.
          • In mediation you can explore reasonable options, make good decisions and reach agreements that benefit you and your family.
          • The voice of the child can be heard and is taken into consideration. 

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